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Where Technology


Your Investments

Accessing Your Accounts

Just BEcame Easier

Finally, I only need one place to log-in to see all my accounts and their balances with my advisor! 

Electronic Signatures

Welcome to the 21st Century. Do you need a change made to one of your accounts? Open a new account? Change Beneficiaries? Move money from one account to another? Your Advisor has you covered! This can now be done faster than ever. No need to make time to visit your advisors office, can all be done securely through your phone, tablet, or computer.

Investment Selection

Your advisor has access to tens of thousands of ETFs and Mutual Funds, as well as the ability to use FundTeq's exclusive professional money management portfolios! FundTeq's portfolios range in cost and complexity, from low-cost ETF models to the more sophisticated Covered Call Option Writing Dividend portfolio.  all at your advisors fingertips.

Easy Communication

FundTeq just made it easier to communicate to your advisor! No need to call the office, simply make a task for your advisor electronically and ensure they receive the message!

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